The semi-punchline to one of the funnier in-game cinematics I've seen.

A small shuttle approaches a large space station in orbit around an unnamed planet. Inside, a small group of StarCraft Marines get off, the leader wearing no armor, and one in back, clad in yellow, carrying a case with three triangles in a prominent nuclear warning symbol.

The group moves rather carefully to a large room. The Marine in the rear drops the case and opens it. The 'camera' moves to a dramatic upward angle at the base of the case and pans upward, revealing...

A bomb, with a small screen reading 'ARMED', surrounded by ice and beer. Cue Marine: "Thank God for cold fusion."

Then, of course, they're all killed by insectile aliens. One has the presence of mind to hit the big red button on the bomb, leading to a nice shot of debris in space.

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