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So much blood goes into every home.

A man and woman came to install my new blinds in my new home. During the installation, towards the end, the man cut his arm. After they left I cleaned some blood off of a window. A few days later I found a drop on another blind in another room. I was going to carefully clean this off too, when I realized that there is probably blood from nearly every person who worked on this house within it.

So few of us ever know the men and women who build our homes. They are faceless, bloodless.

They worked through the long hours, the hot days and the cold days, the driving rains and winds that make hands feel like ice. They built a great thing, a home, and now they are gone and I do not know who they are.

I thank the people who built my home. Who put their blood and sweat into a place they might never enter again.

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