That's where my friend Tyler's Acura Vigor drove through the barriers. I was in the back seat at the time, contemplating Arizona Ice Tea, when some clown cuts us off and sends us Die Hard-style through the jersey barriers. Tyler, who drives like Arnold in The Terminator, does 2 360s across three lanes of interstate.

The car was actually fine, except where the right rear wheel well was dented in from hitting the barriers. This was very surprising indeed.

The big problem was that with four guys in the car, the dented wheel well was scraping the tire. So we moved everything and everybody to the left side of the car in order to compensate, so this pointed metal doesn't pop the tire. The other problem is that on this particular model of Acura Vigor, the gas cap is on the right rear side. And yeah, the gas cap was dented shut. And not even one of New York's finest with a tire jack could open it for us.

Fortunately, Vigors get really good gas mileage.

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