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A Pixies album composed of B-sides and live material. The sound quality is a little weird, at least on my copy - it's not bad, but very quiet, so I have to remember to turn the volume back down before listening to anything else.

  1. Down to the Well
  2. Rock My Soul
  3. Gigantic
  4. Vamos
  5. Heaven
  6. Wave of Mutilation (Surf version)
  7. Into the White
  8. Bailey's Walk
  9. Manta Ray
  10. Weird At My School
  11. Dancing the Manta Ray
  12. Make Believe
  13. I've Been Waiting For You (this is a Niel Young cover.)
  14. The Thing
  15. Velvety (Instrumental version)
  16. Winterlong (another Neil Young cover)
  17. Santo
  18. Born in Chicago
  19. Theme from Narc
  20. Build High
  21. Evil Hearted You
  22. Planet of Sound (live version)
  23. Tame (live version)
  24. Letter to Memphis (instrumental)
  25. Hey
  26. In Heaven
  27. Wild Honey Pie
  28. Caribou
  29. I Can't Forget (this is a Leonard Cohen cover.)

Down to the Well and Rock My Soul are previously unreleased tracks.

Gigantic, Vamos, and Heaven are from the maxi cd "Gigantic".

Wave of Mutilation, Into the White, and Bailey's Walk are from the maxi cd "Here Comes Your Man".

Manta Ray, Weird at my School, and Dancing the Manta Ray are from the maxi cd "Monkey Heaven".

Make Believe, I've Been Waiting For You, and The Thing are from the maxi cd "Velouria".

Velvety, Winterlong, and Santo are from the maxi cd "Dig for Fire".

Born in Chicago is from the sampler "Rubaiyat" 1990.

Theme from Narc, Build High, and Evil Hearted You are from the maxi cd "Planet of Sound".

Planet of Sound, Tame, and Letter to Memphis are from the maxi cd "Alec Eiffel". Letter to Memphis is from the US pressing only.

Hey, In Heaven, Wild Honey Pie, and Caribou are

from John Peel Sessions.

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