The best bar glasses will be thin-lipped, transparent, and will make a high-pitched sound when tapped. Clean and clear glasses show off good drinks, and enhance the drinks as well. These are all the glasses you would ever need, with a star (*) by the ones you can't live without:
  1. Collins*
  2. Shot Glass
  3. Highball Glass
  4. Old-Fashioned (scotch glass)*
  5. Beer Mug
  6. Beer Pilsner
  7. Irish Coffee Glass*
  8. Pousse Café
  9. Parfait
  10. Red Wine
  11. White Wine*
  12. Sherry
  13. Champagne Flute
  14. Brandy Snifter*
  15. Cocktail Glass
  16. Cordial (Pony)
  17. Whiskey Sour*
It is also a good idea to have a coffee cup, coffee mug, or a punch cup for some drink mixes.

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