Here's what you'll want for either a home or professional bar to make sure you can accomodate anything a guest would need:
  1. Can and bottle openers
  2. Easy-to-use corkscrew
  3. Waiter's corkscrew
  4. Glass stirring rod or long spoon
  5. Coil-rimmed bar strainer
  6. A tall, heavy-duty mixing glass or shaker
  7. Small, sharp stainless steel paring knife (for fruit)
  8. Wooden muddler (although the back of a large wooden spoon will work fine)
  9. Large Pitcher
  10. Fruit Juice Extractor
  11. Set of measuring spoons
  12. A jigger measure with easy-to-read half and quarter-ounce measures
  13. Ice bucket with tongs
  14. Electric blender (for frozen drinks)
  15. An assortment of straws, swizzle sticks, toothpicks, coasters, and cocktail napkins
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