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Ah yes, the Big Ugly Yellow Thing.

At first glance, it may seem to the untrained eye that some artiste had one too many espressos and saw some refuse in a construction yard, and, in a fit of unparallelled misguidedness, decided to mash them all together and sell it to the University of New Brunswick. The highly skilled engineer, of course, knows that it was probably more like fifteen too many espressos. We can only hope that the resulting caffeine shock prevented any other universities from being inflicted with their very own Big Ugly Yellow Things.

Anyway, the Big Ugly Yellow Thing, as it is known by pretty much everyone in the UNB engineering department (no one seems to know its real name, if it has one), is a vaguely treelike structure made of various construction trusses and I-beams sticking out at 90- and 45-degree angles in odd places, and covered in now-peeling yellow paint. I'm told that the purpose of the "art" is that it contains every type of construction truss; this is only rumour, however.

The main function of the Big Ugly Yellow Thing is twofold:
(A) To take up space in a useless and property-value-depreciating manner; and
(B) To provide the various engineering societies an easily recognizable outdoor location for barbecues and the like.

Despite my inquiries to upper-year students, I have been unable to find out what sort of act of Dog led to the acquisition of the Big Ugly Yellow Thing; it seems to have existed in the same spot longer than any current student can remember, and its capital-M-Meaning has long since faded into the mists. As your dutiful interstellar personal servant, however, it is my duty to continue my investigation, beginning with the professors (most of whom have been at UNB since before the aforementioned mists); The Secret Will Be Uncovered!(tm)

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