Lizard Pokémon (#6)

  • Japanese: Lizardon

Charizard is the most evolved form of Charmander, and one of the hugest Pokémons. There's no way to get it in Red/Blue, except to pick Charmander in the beginning of the game and make it evolve.

Charizard resembles your average dragon very much (western dragon, that is, not eastern dragon like most of the "Dragon"-type Pokémon!), except that, like Charmander and Charmeleon, has a flame in the end of the tail. It is often reddish orange in color, with yellow belly side.

As said above, Charizard is very much like your average western dragon, often up to the attitude. In the anime series, Ash's Charizard is extremely stubborn, and usually only obeys Ash's commands when Ash himself is in great danger, or when Ash is facing powerful Pokémons. Ash's Charizard just gets to sleep when the challenger doesn't inspire.

Some of the good moves Charizard is able to learn are Wing Attack, Dragon Rage and, of course, the ultimate one, Fire Spin. It can melt everything. Everything.

The strange thing is, while it is Flying type, it is completely unable to learn the Fly move from HM! The only ways to get a flying-capable Charizard is to beat Pokemon Stadium, where you can get one as a prize, and transfer it to the GB game pak (The rental Charizards in Pokemon Stadium can also fly), or get one from Pokémon Yellow (Thanks, Jay Digital).

One of my favorites, because I llllove dragons, especially the western ones.

According to Finnish news trivia game program Uutisvuoto, you really shouldn't try to pronounce Charizard's name when you're drunk. =)

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