The Blue Dragon is a coffee shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The food is quite good and the owner, Bill, is really cool. I frequent the establishment and 7ghent and Starrynight are usually there as well. There is a pool table in "The Dragon's Den", which is the smoking section of the establishment. We go on Thursdays when Celtic music is playing in the front room and it is the most packed. Another plus of the shop is the Neo Geo machine in the Dragon's Den. It has Samurai Showdown 2 on it and gives two credits for one quarter. I will be adding an address, phone number, and menu soon.

In addition to the excellent facilities (The only public Neo Geo in town with both Kabuki Clash AND Waku Waku 7, for example), the Blue Dragon has some damned good pizza. You can specify whole wheat crusts, spicy sauce, excellent fresh toppings, just a good all-around pizza.

Also on the menu is basically any type of coffee-based concoction one could wish for, plus a small-but-yummy array of Cajun food. Hands-down the best coffee shop in Albuquerque.

If you're lucky, you'll catch me, Kazeryu, and 7Ghent in the Dragon's Den there on Thurday nights.

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