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I've lived, I've lost.
I've loved, I've hated.
I've slacked, I've worked.
I've fucked, I've made love.
I've fought, I've made peace.
I've believed in something, I've believed in nothing.
I've been angry at myself, I've been angry at everyone else.
All in all, the only thing that keeps me going is that there's something out there that I haven't done yet.

I am a member of The Official Starrynight Fan Club.

7Ghent knows his stuff. You have been warned.

If you're reading this I'm glad you're choosing to know me. One thing you should know is, I'm not interesting. I'm as normal as they come. I can't amaze you and I won't try. The only thing I can do is say what I see and know who I am. I don't node anymore. I have absolutely nothing beneficial to contribute. I'm simply here to watch.

I had friends one time.
I fuckin' loved those people. It was pretty, because it was the first time I had friends that I knew I was going to drift apart from before it happened. It was like a second childhood with them. It was like watching innocence die or seeing beauty fade. The transience of the sakura and the life lessons in it. I could fucking scream. I could run forever. Whenever I think of it, I could just run forever.
I watched us all get our own lives. Holy shit, I miss those old times so much that I go to sleep some nights hoping I wake up back in time. I wish and wish, till I fall asleep, that I wake up the morning of the day I met my friend Chris Boat at Hastings. I would just love to experience it all over again. I miss you Chris.
Paul, I met you at the Anime club Chris took me to.
Beau, let someone tell me getting lost is a bad thing. I've got a story for that person.
I want just one more day so I can hug all of you. Just one more time there's no end in sight and we're having a great time. Then, right there, I'm going to freeze time and live in that moment forever. Now I understand what it means to feel one's heart breaking. Mine breaks every time I think of them.