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ΚΕΦΑΛ&Eta    Ξ&Theta

This is the Holy Hexagram.
Plunge from the height, O God, and interlock with Man!
Plunge from the height, O Man, and interlock with Beast!
The Red Triangle is the descending tongue of grace;
      the Blue Triangle is the ascending tongue of prayer
This Interchange, the Double Gift of Tongues, the
      Word of Double Power-ABRAHADABRA!-is
      the sign of the GREAT WORK,
      for the GREAT WORK is accomplished in Silence.
      And behold is not that Word equal to Cheth, that is Cancer.
      whose Sigil is O¯O1?
This Work also eats up itself, accomplishes its own
      end, nourishes the worker, leaves no seed, is perfect in itself.
Little children, love one another!

page 148


          The key to the understanding of this chapter is given in the number and the title, the former being intelligible to all nations who employ Arabic figures, the latter only to experts in deciphering English puns.
          The chapter alludes to Levi's drawing of the Hexagram, and is a criticism of, or improvement upon, it. In the ordinary Hexagram, the Hexagram of nature, the red triangle is upwards, like fire, and the blue triangle downwards, like water. In the magical hexagram this is revered; the descending red triangle is that of Horus, a sign specially revealed by him personally, at the Equinox of the Gods. (It is the flame desending upon the altar, and licking up the burnt offering.) The blue triangle represents the aspiration, since blue is the colour of devotion, and the triangle, kinetically considered, is the symbol of directed force.
          In the first three paragraphs this formation of the hexagram is explained; it is a symbol of the mutual separation of the Holy Guardian Angel and his client. In the interlocking is indicated the completion of the work.
          Paragraph 4 explains in slightly different language what we have said above, and the scriptural image of tongues is introduced.
          In paragraph 5 the symbolism of tongues is further developed. Abrahadabra is our primal example of an interlocked word. We assume that the reader has thoroughly studied that word in Liber D., etc. The sigil of Cancer links up this symbolism with the number of the chapter.
          The remaining paragraphs continue the Gallic symbolism.

page 149

XCthulhu's Commentary

Note(1): That would be my best shot at the ascii representation of the sigil cancer. Cancer looks like a 69 on its side.
          As I have explained in Psalm 69, there are some definite allusion in this work to the bible besides the oral sex connotation. It's kind of funny, reading the commentary of Karl Gerner that Abrahadabra, or it's derived Abracadabra, are also euphenisms (kind of makes you think of every magic act ever seen a little differently, doesn't it?)

Original text by Aleister Crowley
Commentary by Karl Gerner
I need your help! This stuff is very cryptic, feel free to provide your own commentary.

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