A science-fiction novel by John Wyndham.

Set in the far future in the aftermath of a nuclear war, humanity has descended into barbarism. The intensely religious inhabitants of 'Newf' (which I presume to be a corruption of Newfoundland) seek out and destroy genetic mutants - perceived as devilish spawn of evil. Human mutants are cast out into the wild country closer to the still-poisoned earth of far distant lands. Into this strange pseudo-medieval world is born the narrator, who along with several others has developed mysterious telepathic powers, which cause them to be hunted down themselves....

An interesting treatment of religious fundamentalism. Having had plenty of problems with religious nutters myself, I've really grown to hate Jacob Strorm and the other preaching crazies in this novel. Although gets rather silly towards the end, it's a lot of fun getting there.

I have no idea why the novel is called The Chrysalids. What is a chrysalid, anyway?

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