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A small, private liberal arts colllege. Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, The Colorado College (aka "CC") has an enrollment of just under 2000 students. While the college is primarily a four-year undergraduate institution, there is also an MAT program.

Despite the descriptor "liberal arts college", CC's academic reputation is built, in part, on the sciences. Science majors usually equal or outnumber their non-science-major counterparts. Due to its small enrollment and large endowment, CC is able to offer many unique lab experiences not often offered to undergraduates. Mnay classes take advantage of their small size (each class maxes out at twenty-five students, and is taught by a full professor) and the college's location in the Colorado Rockies and do a whole lot of field work.

Besides sciences, CC is most widely known for its innovative scheduling system, known as the "Block Plan". Under this plan, the academic year is divided into 8.5 blocks of 3.5 weeks each. Students take one class per block, then have a 4.5-day-long "block break".

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