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On more than one occasion, while walking through the record store, I have been moved to buy an album which I know nothing of, by an artist or musician which I know equally little about. This is apparently my way of keeping my scope of music fresh, as I am a musician myself and always like to keep things from getting stale as much as possible.

However, walking through the record store and picking out any random compact disc is little more than russian roulette, as I have come to find out. Through many of my own experiences, I have come up with the following theorem which applies (in the most direct sense, at least) to music.

Cover art and/or packaging is inversely proportional to music quality.
correlary: Buying music based solely on cover art and/or packaging is a bad, bad idea.

I will refrain from posting flame bait and only concentrate on one example for proof of this theorem:

Meat Loaf - Bat out of Hell
Cover art: A bat, apparently flying out of a very firely landscape. Possibly hell. Pedestrian 70's-80's fantasy art, although cool to see in a CD jewel case.
Content: It's Meat Loaf for God's sakes.

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