The Mir Spacestation is being herded back to Earth, due to crash into the Pacific Ocean on Friday 23rd March. Russia has taken out insurance on the off-chance that any of it hits a populated area. It is estimated that there is a 3% chance of a populated area being hit, and the Russians have taken out a $200 million insurance.

By comparison, large airlines take out insurance of $1.5-$2.5 billion for an aircraft.

Let's put this into perspective here then: One of the largest aircraft, the Boeing 777 can carry a maximum of 394 passengers, so let's say 400 for ease of math. Averaging out the sum insured to $2 billion, this makes the net-worth of each passenger about $5 million each (not taking into account the cost of the aircraft, or anything it lands on). Now let's apply that same calculation to a part of the Mir Spacestation landing on Auckland, New Zealand. With a population of over 1 million residents, that makes their net-worth approximately $200 each (not including the cost of anything the Spacestation lands on).

Hmmm - $5 million for an international traveller vs $200 for a New Zealand resident. So we are worth 0.004% that of anyone else?

Come and get your Pacific Islander - going cheap! Get 'em while they're hot. Last day of trading: Friday 23rd.

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