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No, the cure for cults is not to simply sign up for something morally sweet-smelling. Read that sentence again, because as silly as it sounds, that's the accepted cure for the dangerous and regressive problem of cult mentality. We are told, socially, that cults are ok as long as they're not antisocial or in too much conflict with accepted mores.

First, what is a cult? Most folks don't really know. A cult, as defined by the "independant research" people (who are about the only people you can trust on this issue), is a special type of group focused on strict control and sometimes brainwashing to achieve whatever its goals might be. You can spot a cult by these three common indicators:
1. There is usually a central leader that everyone looks up to and tries to be like.
2. The cult will usually mandate that some or all of your money go to fund the cult's activities or interests.
3. Cults will almost always put some sort of stricture on the sexual behaviour of their members.

Well, those are pretty obvious. Charismatic leader, yeah, that gives the people something to look up to; the money, well, duh; and of course, if you can control a person's sexual conduct, you can control the person. Every POW camp and organized religion knows that.

So, do you really want to stay out of cult mentality now? Or would you prefer just to stay on the right side of the tracks and hook up with a cult that the general public is more comfortable with--like Catholicism, maybe?
Hey, you know what? I don't think that all cults are evil all the time; I think that some people can be helped by some cults, some of the time. Then again, cyanide cured polio, didn't it?

So, if you really don't want to be in a cult, what do you do? Er...don't be in one. Most cults will punish you, usually by social ostracization of some sort, if you leave. Unless you're a prisoner of the next Koresh, though, you should just be able to flip them off and walk out. (Which is what I did; I don't "do" cult mentality.) It also helps sometimes to get in a group that is NOT a cult instead. Anything where they don't tell you how to fuck is a good start--in fact, many of the people whose addictions to cult mentalities I've helped cure could barely handle the idea that their sexual preferences were now wholly their decision.

In a group, we all give up a little bit of our individuality to accomplish a common goal. Cool. In a cult, we all give up most of our individuality in order to accomplish someone else's goal. Fuck that. Hmm...suddenly the Microsoft company sounds like a cult, doesn't it? Where millions of people sit all day and work on making Bill Gates richer? I'll have to think about that one. *lol*

This looks like a nodeshell challenge, but it isn't. I'm just like that.

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