Mind blowingly beautiful music. Slow and lovely, fast loud and lovely...It's all good.
The Dirty Three are: Warren Ellis - violin, Mick Turner - guitar, Jim White - drums. No singing, just instrumentals of varying listenability. But, as I said before, it's all lovely. Just occasionally a little too intense.


Dirty Three - Scuzz Production (give-away casette at early gigs), 1992
Sad & Dangerous - Poon Village, 1994
Dirty Three - Shock Records, 1995
Horse Stories - Touch And Go, 1996
Ocean Songs - Touch And Go, 1998
Ufkuko (EP) - Bella Union, 1998
Whatever You Love, You Are - Touch and Go, 2000

incredibly emotional music. words can hardly describe the feeling it brings.
Someone once described them thus:
Dirty Three expresses the pain, hope, fear and loss that you try to write about in your diary but can't. Their music touches the places in your soul that you'd try to describe to your shrink, or your ratty old teddy bear, or the blank walls of your room, if only you knew how. Their music is beauty's rapturous zenith and grime's seedy underbelly.
One way to partially understand their music is to listen to the introductions warren has for the songs live:

"This is a song about when your head becomes your feet and your feet becomes your head, and you're walking around on your head, and your feet have kinda got a hat on top of it, and you're talking to all of your friends, and all your friends don't talk back because everyone knows your feet don't have ears. This is a song about being upside down, and the rest of the world is the wrong way up, and it's called I don't give a fuck if i'm upside down because you are wrong. This is called sea above, sky below, or I'm quite happy being upside fucking down."

"This is a song actually about a mermaid, and it's a song about being stuck out in the middle of the fuckin' ocean, and you can't talk to anybody, and then you do meet someone, but they're like a fish, and you can't kinda talk to them 'cause you don't speak fish, and they don't speak fuckin' you, so you're fucked, and you just kind of sit there and go, 'Oh, I guess I really am alone'. This is a song called Sirena, or I'm just a tin of tuna"

"This song's about when you're in a relationship and you realize from the first day that it's fucked but you stay in it for three years. This song's dedicated to people who realize just how wrong and fucked-up and stupid everything is but still bother with it anyway. This song's for dead friends, for friends you once knew but have now forgotten, this song's about life and love and hope when it's three in the morning and the only light on is in your fridge and you have nothing to eat but the remains of a three-day-old pizza and you really want to get drunk but you have no friends left and you'd rather be walking in the park anyway. This song's for anyone who's ever had a dead friend."

"this song is about when you are out in the middle of the ocean on a raft and the raft is just some air with stuff around the air to hold the air in..."

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