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Lee ended our friendship with an email. She told me that basically our friendship was not, and that it had not been in several years. She then insulted my sister at the end of the email. I took this hard, as she had been (regardless of whatever else she was) a stable part of my life. Good or bad, Lee was. I thought she always would be. I fought against her to tell me why, to explain herself, to recant. She didn't.

And a year later, after all of my pleas and my heartache at having been abandoned by yet another person, Lee has resurfaced. I came home today to a message on my answering machine from Lee, who feels more like a fable than a person to me, more of a dead thing than a pleasant memory. I called Witchiepoo immediately. It is her husband's birthday, and we can't wreck it, but she listens and understands my immediate sense of being caught off balance. Ghosts shouldn't come back to life.

I still don't know whether to call her or not. Right now, it's looking like not.

Update - April 2002 - I never called her.

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