Debut album by Birmingham singer-songwriter Carina Round, released in 2001.

It's best played after you've seen her live a few times; that way, it reminds you of some amazing gigs.

To my knowledge, the musicians on this album are not her usual band (Smudge the bassist, Marcus the drummer and occasionally Lisa the pianist/flautist) but, afaik, session musicians.

IHMO, this is a perfect debut album. There is not a single song which is less than extremely good, and few fall below perfection. The influences - Patti Smith on Message to Apollo, most noticeably - are clear, but Ms. Round is a uniquely talented artist in and of herself. It contains most of her set list, but leaves out a few - Eleanor, Paris and Monument - ensuring gigs have many familiar songs but a few pleasant surprises.

The track listing is as follows:

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