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A Study being conducted by the University of Pennsylvania Linguistic Data Consortium to analyse and interpret the way people talk to each other on the phone. Participants either initiate a call to an autodialer at their own convenience (and are then connected to another sudy participant) or are randomly called by the dialer when another subject initiates a call. Subjects specify available hours so they're not called at 3AM unless they say it's alright. The calls (at a maximum of 3 per person) are recorded and a topic is given to keep the calls focused. Participants receive $10 for each call they successfully complete as well as a referral bonus.

Subject list:

  1. Professional Sports on TV.
  2. Pets
  3. Life Partners
  4. Minimum Wage
  5. Comedy
  6. Hypothetical Situations. Perjury.
  7. Hypothetical Situations. One Million Dollars to Leave the US.
  8. Hypothetical Situations. Opening your own business.
  9. Hypothetical Situations. Time Travel.
  10. Hypothetical Situations. An Anonymous Benefactor.
  11. US Public Schools.
  12. Affirmative Action.
  13. Movies.
  14. Computer Games.
  15. Current Events.
  16. Hobbies.
  17. Smoking.
  18. Terrorism.
  19. Televised Criminal Trials.
  20. Drug Testing.
  21. Family Values.
  22. Censorship.
  23. Health and Fitness.
  24. September 11.
  25. Strikes by Professional Athletes.
  26. Airport Security.
  27. Issues in the Middle East.
  28. Foreign Relations.
  29. Education.
  30. Family.
  31. Corporate Conduct in the US.
  32. Outdoor Activities.
  33. Friends.
  34. Food.
  35. Illness.
  36. Personal Habits.
  37. Reality TV.
  38. Arms Inspections in Iraq.
  39. Holidays.
  40. Bioterrorism.

If you're at all interested in talking to strangers for money I would recommend looking into this. http://www.ldc.upenn.edu/Fisher/ . If you decide you are interested and you'd like to plop me down on the form as a referral (completely voluntarily, of course) check my homenode for my referral ID.

I am in no way assiociated with the project in any capacity other than that of an interested volunteer. Do what you like.

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