A grotesque and sexist joke. Don't say you weren't warned.

There are three honeymoon couples staying in a hotel in Barbados. The first night of the honeymoon, the three new husbands are gathered in the bar, swapping wedding stories and stag night tales when the talk turns to the age old question — does one actually have sex on the first night of one's honeymoon?

After some discussion, they reach the agreement that, yes, it was almost obligatory, but that still leaves another question — how many times?

In order to find out, the three husbands agree that if they have sex that night, in the morning they'll order the full English Breakfast to signify without alerting the wives to what's going on. Any more than once, they'll proclaim with extra toast. And then they finish their drinks and retire.

The next morning, the first husband to the breakfast table smiles at the others' tardiness, happily orders the full breakfast and two extra slices of toast.

The second husband arrives, and his new bride is also sleeping in. He looks at the first's plate and toast, smiles, and orders the full breakfast and four extra slices of toast.

The third guy arrives looking dishevelled and exhausted. He grins at the others and calls for the waiter.

"I'd like the full breakfast, please. And seven extra slices of toast." As the others look impressed, he calls to the waiter once more. "And waiter? Could you make three of those slices brown?"

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