Many people do not enjoy the luxury of alcoholic drinksand mixed drinks because they do not like the taste of alcohol. For those who abstain for other reasons there are non-alcoholic drinks or 'virgin drinks'. For those of us that just don't like the taste, there are, in fact, a number of drinks that have alcohol, but do not taste like it. A couple of them are listed below, but if you know of another please tell Touby or add your own node to this subject.

  • "brown cow from hell" -- mix 1 oz of hershey's chocolate syrup and 1 oz of kahlua into 1.5 cups of milk....Serve in a collins glass.
  • "Saxon Surprise" -- 1 oz Gin 8 oz Sprite
  • "Special Lemonade" put enough Countrytime Lemonade Mix into a pitcher as you need to make 1 or two quarts. Pour in vodka till it just covers the mix. Fill to appropriate volume (1 or 2 quarts) with water. Serve on the rocks.
  • "Wiskey Sour Made With Gin" -- put 1 cup ice, 5 oz liquid whiskey sour mix, and 1.5 to 2 oz Gin in a blender. Blend until the ice is extremely fine (like a slushie).

There are premixed vodka and rum drinks, especially lemonades, which taste like soda:

Mike's Hard Lemonade, Vexx, Boomerang, Bacardi Coolers, Bacardi Rigo, Smirnoff Ice...

My personal fav mixed drink, in which you can sorta taste the vodka but not really, is a Red Square... mixing 1 can of Red Bull (hypercaffeinated austrian energy drink with taurine, riboflavin and 200% recommended daily intake of B12) with 1 or 2 ozs of vodka.

Then you have things like Bailey's Irish Cream... also there are premixed shooters that don't taste like alcohol, although whether or not they taste any better is in debate:

Sours (15%, tastes like sour apples), Aftershock (40%, smells like i dont ever want to taste it)

Then there are mixed shooters, such as:

Vulcan Mind Probe - 1/2 oz. Blue caracauo, 1/2 oz vodka (i think, please correct me)

and the blue eyed blonde, sex on the beach, b52, flaming jesus, eat my cherry, and any number of other shoooters that i dont know how to make.

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