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Pro his Diviciacus (nam post discessum Belgarum dimissis Aeduorum copiis ad eum reverterat) facit verba:  Bellovacos omni tempore in fide atque amicitia civitatis Aeduae fuisse; impulsos ab suis principibus, qui dicerent Aeduos ab Caesare in servitutem reductos omnes indignitates contumeliasque perferre, et ab Aeduis defecisse et populo Romano bellum intulisse.  Qui eius consili principes fuissent, quod intellegerent quantam calamitatem civitati intulissent, in Britanniam profugisse.  Petere non solum Bellovacos, sed etiam pro his Aeduos, ut sua clementia ac mansuetudine in eos utatur.  Quod si fecerit, Aeduorum auctoritatem apud omnes Belgas amplificaturum; quorum auxiliis atque opibus, si qua bella inciderint, sustentare consuerint.

On their behalf Diviciacus (who, after the departure of the Belgae, had disbanded the forces of the Aedui and returned to Caesar) spake as follows:  "The Bellovaci have always enjoyed the protection and friendship of the Aeduan state.  They have been incited by their chiefs, who declared that the Aedui have been reduced to slavery by Caesare and are suffering every form of indignity and insult, both to revolt from the Aedui and to make war on the Roman people.  The leaders of the plot, perceiving how great a disaster they have brought on the state, have fled to Britain.  Not only the Bellovaci, but the Aedui also on their behalf, beseech you to show your wonted mercy and kindness towards them.  By so doing you will enlarge the authority of the Aedui among all the Belgae, for it is by the succours and the resources of the Aedui that they have been used to sustain the burden of any wars that may have occurred."

Translation and notes by H.J. Edwards

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