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Caeasr honoris Diviciaci atque Aeudorum causa sese eos in fidem recepturum et conservaturum dixit; quod erat civitas magna inter Belgas auctoritate atque hominum multitudine praestabat, sescentos obsides oposcit.  His traditis omnibusque armis ex oppido collatis ab eo loco in fines Ambianorum pervenmit, qui se suaque omnia sine mora dediderunt.  Eorum fines Nervii attingebant; quorum de natura moribusque Caesar cum quaereret, sic reperiebat:  nullum aditum esse ad eos mercatoribus; nihil pati vini reliquarumque rerum inferri, quod eis rebus relanguescere animos eorum et remitti virtutem existimarent:  esse homines feros magnaeque virtutis:  increpitare atque incusare reliquos Belgas, qui se populo Romano dedidissent patriamque virtutem proiecissent; confirmare sese neque legatos missuors neque ullam condicionem pacis accepturos.

Caesar replied that for the respect he had towards Divicacus and the Aedui he would receive them into his proctection and save them alive.  As their state was possessed of great authority among the Belgae and was largest in population, he demanded six hundred hostages.  These were delivered, and all the arms were collected from the town.  The he left the place, and came into the borders of the Ambiani, who surrendered themselves and all their stuff without delay.  Their next neighbours were the Nervii, and when Caesar inquired as touching the nature and character of these, he discovered as follows.  Traders had no means of access unto them, for they allowed no wine nor any of the other appurtenances of luxury to be imported, because they supposed that their spirit was like to be enfeebled and their courage relaxed thereby.  Fierce men they were, of a great courage, denouncing and accusing the rest of the Belgae for that they had surrendered to Rome and cast away the courage of their sires.  For themselves, they affirmed that they would send no deputies and accept no terms of peace.

Translation and notes by H.J. Edwards

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