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Think rich. Unbelievably rich.

And good-looking, in the Aryan, Barbie-doll sense. Tall. Super-thin. Blond. Blue-eyed. Perfect skin.

And spoilt. They are invited to absolutely everything; premieres, parties, fashion shows, openings... and they turn up to every single one , dressed in barely-there clothes, swilling champagne like it's going out of fashion.

They are Nicky and Paris Hilton, heirs to the Hilton Hotel fortune, and they are the "It-Girls" of the moment.

Nicky is the youngest: she's 17, not that you can tell by looking at her. Even cynical photographers who have "seen it all" are amazed by her behaviour in the clubs around the world, according to an article in Australian Vogue (2000). A part-time model for random designers (Lloyd Klein is a favourite) she also goes to school and does "charity work" with a children's literacy fundraising venture.

Paris is 20. Apparently, she's Nicky's 'role model', according to those who see the girls together. Paris does less charity work as she attends college and is busy there. Paris has told the press that she is "American royalty". She appears in the Ben Stiller movie Zoolander (2001), in the scene in the club before the "walk-off". In the movie, she's hanging out with supermodels and movie stars- yes, like in real life.

The press takes great pleasure in putting them down, especially Vogue, Vanity Fair and trashy women's magazines (but they're probably just jealous). Upper class people take great pride in putting them down for their love of trashy- and flashy- clothes and jewellery. Middle class people make fun of them, claiming they are an example of "Too much time and too much money". They are a mix of popular culture and high society. But they are gorgeous.

Some people would say that it's kind of fitting that the Hilton sisters are in the same node as a famous pair of so-called "freaks" by the same name. But that's mean.

To see photos and an article about this pair, go to http://www.geocities.com/hiltonsisters/vanity.htm

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