1000 BCE

Egyptians used linen sheaths as condoms in order to prevent disease.

100 CE

Evidence of condoms can be found in cave paintings in France. Romans may have used condoms made of muscle tissue of dead warriors.


Condoms made of linen have been found in England from this time. Mostly used to prevent against syphilis. Later they were used to prevent pregnancy and were dipped in chemicals to be used as spermicides.


Animal intestines began to be used as a condom instead of linen. There are two theories of where the name condom came from some. But both theories originate during this time. Some say that King Charles II of England named them and used them so he would not impregnate women and have illegitimate children. Others say that Casanova named them.


In 1844 Goodyear and Hancock distributed mass produced condoms. They were made from a kind of rubber that is extremely elastic.


First advertisement for condoms.


Comstock Law outlawed the advertising of birth control. And they couldn't be sent or sold through the mail.


First latex condom was made.


Condom use became wide spread. But the American Social Hygiene Association tried to get people to stop using them, thinking that people with diseases should not have pleasure and sex.


Condom use diminished in the United States and disease spread, luckily the pill was widely used so pregnancy remained low.


Polyurethane condoms were first produced. People with sensitive skin could use them. In 1993 annual production of condoms was 8.5 billion. Condoms were made in various sizes, colors, flavors, and brands. Women can now even use female condoms.

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