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In the Mid-1990's on the popular ESPN2 talk show, Talk2, quarterback Jim Everett came to blows with the host of the show, Jim Rome. Everett, who retired in 1998 after playing twelve years in the NFL, was playing for the New Orleans Saints at the time. Everett at that time was being scrutinized by the national media for his poor work ethic, poor play with the Saints, and his inability to take his previous team, the Los Angeles Rams, to the Superbowl.

During the interview, Rome referred to Everett as "Chris" or "Chrissy" after the female tennis star, Chris Evert. Everett repeatedly asked Rome to stop. Everett warned Rome one last time, Rome persisted and called Everett “Chris” again. Everett left his seat, upended the table between he and Rome, and a melee ensued. Rome and Everett both had to be restrained after a brief struggle.

Jim Rome continues to deny that the whole event was staged.

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