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"The Known World" is another way of saying "The world, as it exists within the SCA." So, in The Known World, there aren't countries (like Canada, Zimbabwe, or China) but kingdoms (like Trimaris, the Midrealm, and Ealdormere).

Of course, some places, not having active groups, aren't yet really part of the Known World. For example, I am not aware of any active groups within Mexico or South America1. So, I guess calling it "Known" is pretty reasonable. :grin:

In order of creation, these are the Kingdoms of the Known World at this writing2 :

1 But when they do, they'll belong to The Kingdom of the Outlands. We even already have a name for the collective of those lands: Argonia. It's a long story.
2 Last updated 2002-01-08

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