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The Kovenant started out as a Norwegian (see nowegian scene) black metal band. The new record, Animatronic (on Nuclear Blast records), shows the influence of other musical styles, such as industrial and electronic, with the inclusion of female vocals.

The Kovenant is somewhat of a metal supergroup, made up of members of other prominent Norwegian metal bands. With the stylistic changes on Animatronic however, the members chose new pseudonyms:

Psy Coma, formerly Blackheart.
Lex Icon, formerly Nagash. Formerly of Dimmu Borgir.

touring members of the band are:
Hellhammer, (also the drummer for Mayhem).

The Kovenant had to change their name from The Covenant because of a conflict with the Swedish electro/industrial band named Covenant.

The Kovenant is looked down upon by some, due to their recent leanings toward the Marilyn Manson/spooky kid style.

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