DISCREET behaviour is an important part of respectability, and has assisted men and women to be virgins for their weddings, yet some had been to UNIVERSITY and other places of advanced learning, and had sexual friends at that time, and were very passionate, too. Being discreet helps to keep these people --faithful in marriage, as well.See page 4, line 21.


He was a fixture in London. Twenty-five years, seemingly all the time, every day, he walked up and down Oxford Street, the capital's busiest shopping street, with his sandwich board. It proclaimed LESS PASSION FROM LESS PROTEIN: MEAT FISH BIRD; EGG CHEESE; PEAS incl. lentils BEANS; NUTS AND SITTING and ended up offering Protein Wisdom, leaflet 12p.

Yet, even a growing youth could eat more protein than the body required for health and development, and thus, by having strong passion, it might be very hard to be well behaved with a sexual friend, and to be headstrong in one's lonely bed: HARD to follow a responsible moral-code, in the unmarried years.
His name, it turned out, was Stanley Green, and if you'd paid your 12p (this would have made sense back when he started in 1968, when it was 2/6) for his fourteen-page leaflet you'd find the name in small print towards the end, before the appendices. But everyone called him the Less Protein Man, especially if, like me, you were too scared ever to approach him to get the pamphlet.

People on high-in-protein diets, for remedial reasons, can utilize only a limited amount of protein, in this way, and the surplus will build up passion, perhaps excessively and UNHAPPILY.
He must have been a very gentle man, kind and amiable, out to help people and make them happy, now that I've read his pamphlet in full. Nothing to be scared of. I don't think he ever spoke: I might be remembering this wrong, but he never lectured. He certainly never harangued like a religious person would. His pamphlet talks about the morality of married love but hasn't any particular religious flavour to it.

Some will not be lucky enough to marry, and others are conditioned AGAINST MARRIAGE; but they would find the essence of happiness, in having gentle passion all the time: free of fleshly longing, particularly at bed-time.
He just believed that protein incited passion, as a metabolic fact, and the more protein you had the more passionate you were, so upright married couples and virtuous single people would do well to have less protein. He explained which foods had the most concentrated forms of protein; and that last, strange word on his placard, SITTING: he tied passion and energy into how active or sedentary you were.
LOVE-PLAY retards the husband, and hastens the wife, and in time, a wife too could reach the climaxes in married-love. However, a jaded wife is not likely to respond pleasantly to love-play, though she would permit married-love. A wife who is always jaded, so that the climaxes are not possible for her --will not sleep after married-love, and she is likely to suffer from ill health eventually. And be a poor mother, too.
It was 1968 when he began, cycling in from Northolt in the far west of London. Eventually he turned 65 and qualified for free transport in. He continued until he died in December 1993. I can't remember a single time when I was in Oxford Street and he wasn't there. Today the Museum of London in the Barbican has his boards and copies of the various editions of his leaflet, printed in a straggling mixture of typefaces and sizes, breaking out into capital for emphasis.

BEWARE of the fun of indecent suggestions; of the amusement from the titillating scandal of private lives; of the diversion of the undress of low journalism etcetera. These things erode our morals and twist young minds.
For scanned images of his leaflet, complete, see www.flaneur.org.uk/html/green/green.html

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