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Nickelodeon's first taste of anime, a cartoon created about a community of small fairy-like creatures (sans wings). The main characters are three best friends. The star of the show Lil Bit lives with her Uncle Snoozle Bit.

Uncle Snoozle Bit is an old drunkard who, like his name suggests, slumbers most of the time. He took the spot of Lil Bit's legal guardian when her parents left her in the town. This was revealed in a special episode where the three friends wander to the outer limits of the village and find mysterious travelers like them.

Lil Bit's two friends are boys in the village. One is the son of the mayor and is rather snobbish. He has a crush on Lil Bit or is just jealous of her other friend, a kind boy who is always shown by her side.

They also befriend a flying squirrel later who often helps them go on adventures, such as inside an old temple, down a river, and to a snow queen's home far from the village.

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