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In the TV cartoon The Tick, Flying Squirrel was a student in The Tick's superhero school. She wore a squirrel suit and her battle cry was "I like squirrels!" When she yells this battle cry, squirrels appear out of nowhere and attack her opponent.

Laraine Newman, who was on the cast of Saturday Night Live for years, did the voice for Flying Squirrel.

Fly"ing squir"rel (? or ?). Zool.

One of a group of squirrels, of the genera Pteromus and Sciuropterus, having parachute-like folds of skin extending from the fore to the hind legs, which enable them to make very long leaps.

⇒ The species of Pteromys are large, with bushy tails, and inhabit southern Asia and the East Indies; those of Sciuropterus are smaller, with flat tails, and inhabit the northern parts of Europe, Asia, and America. The American species (Sciuropterus volucella) is also called Assapan. The Australian flying squrrels, or flying phalangers, are marsupials. See Flying phalanger (above).


© Webster 1913.

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