What the hell was this?

A very amateur and extremely surreal rock video featured at http://threebrain.com/weeeeee.html. It involves extremely bouncy guitar strumming and high-pitched, fast-babbling singers. The overall effect of the lyrics is more or less at the third-grade level, but the video itself is surprisingly catchy in its hyperactive weirdness.

aaaaannnnd... Weeeeeeeee!
(strange laughter)(bouncing squirrel dancing)
Oh my God! There was this guy and he came over, and he was like, "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

(image of a monkey in a three piece suit)
Oh my God! i went over to my mom and she'd be like "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
That's so funny, cause i went home, and i said "Hey Dad, Weeeeeeeeeeee!"
Oh my God! And then there was this guy and he goes, "Hey, i gotta knife" and I go "Weeeeeeeeeeee!"
Yo, I went up to a thug gangster and he said "Yo motherfucker Weeeeeeeeeee!"
Yo, i saw Ar-Two-Dee-Two on the street and he was all "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Bleep!"
Hey, i saw this kid in a wheelchair
(picture of Stephen Hawking) and he was going up a hill really fast and he was like "Weeeeeeeeeee!" (someone racing down a dirt path in some kind of dirtbike thing)
Yo, i was watching a movie theater and there was this guy and he was like all "I got popcorn" and I was all "oh my god Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Yeah... that's basically it. The first verse consists of the above lyrics, spoken over some whacky guitar strumming, and a black-and-white squirrel picture bouncing in the corner. The lyrics are printed beneath, for sing-along fun. But its effect on me when I first discovered this song was tremendous.

I don't know what it is. The song is incredibly bouncy, and makes me ridiculously hyper. They rush through the lines, getting faster and faster, gasping them out. It just exacerbates my normal predilection to say whee a lot, and talk fast, and bounce. It seemed like my very own theme song.

The music "video," which is basically still images glued together with Flash, does have some quality moments of its own, besides just being a fun bit of fluff: the suggestion that Stephen Hawking goes racing up hills in his wheelchair like a dirtbike champion is one of my favorites, as is the humanization of the thug gangster stereotype.

(....I overanalyze things.)

When you're a kid (picture of a little blond kid) and ya wanna go, "Weee!" (two excited white men in a roller coaster)
But you ain't got drugs yet...
You hold out for your life
Hold on to your little gonads...
(the monkey suit again)
and strife....
(image entitled "woman begging at clonar kilty" or something)

(Frankly, I think the image of a small child gripping its gonads is a little much for me. The song slows down here, which - combined with the lyrical choices - makes me cringe a little. It was so good when it was fast! What are they doing? No thoughtful dick-grabbing! But they know best....)

Gonads (medical diagram of penis) and strife (mushroom cloud),
Gonads and strife,
Gonads and strife.

Gonads (diagram of uterus) and strife (engraving of mob in streets),
Gonads and strife,
Gonads and strife.

Gonads (cut-away of penis) and strife (used to be five bunnies; now it's a weird pink plastic kewpie doll on skateboard, smiling eerily),
Gonads and strife,
Gonads and strife.

Gonads (Ron Jeremy) and strife (Bill Gates),
Gonads and strife,
Gonads and strife.

You see? Here, despite the oddly lyrical (and oddly lyric-ed) music, they redeem themselves with a series of bizarre and sometimes inspired juxtapositions. Ron Jeremy is gonads. Bill Gates is strife.

Gonads in the lightning! (colorful dramatized lightning storm with animated penis cutaway diagram flying through it)
In the lightning!
In the rain!
(penis flies across grey storm picture)
Weeeeeeeeeee! (penis twirls around)

Yo, I saw a squirrel run across the street and he didn't get hit by a car so he was like

(Squirrel bounce-dances innocently in corner throughout)

Gonads and Strife is one of those fluffy strange fads the Internet produces, like all your base jokes, that sit around being weird and infecting people's minds. I showed it to a friend and she later wrote, "Gonads and Strife has quickly become Soy Sauce and Rice, Gamers and Dice, and Donuts and Spice! Bedbugs and Lice! Hedgehogs and Mice! Judas and Christ! Wheeeeeeeeeee!"

The folks who created it have a band... god help us all. Their website, threebrain.com, features live show clips (which I've been too scared to watch) as well as two CDs, comic strips and short cartoons, an extravaganza of shwag, and several more "rock videos." Whenever you feel the world is just too mundane or your life too hellish, I suggest viewing one of their other videos. They offer a glimpse of another, stranger world, full of flying penises and dead cats which pee on you, which should make any of us glad to return to our everyday lives.

This writeup is CST Approved!

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