I saw the most amazing lightning storm the other day coming home from work. It was this beautiful silent thing between purple clouds that jumped and danced over my car. Somewhere off to my left twilight was fading into darkness and I was driving down the frontage road one level below the adjacent highway at 45 miles and hour. I wanted lightning to hit my car, had the windows open just in case. I wanted to know what the lightning would sound like if it hit me. I couldn't tell how close or far it was, there was no thunder to count Mississippis, so I wanted it to hit me so I would know it was close. I wanted to to know if there would be this raging roaring of sound if it would touch my hand in the warm night, or just be a silent deadly shard. I wondered, if there was sound, if the minivan next to me would hear it, or if the sound would be something coming from me, the roaring heartbeat in my ears in the silence of night. Instead, the lightning leaped in the sky and all I could do was hope for a red light to stop me and give me a moment to watch.
The lights remained green.

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