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Thursday from 6 till 7
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The sunlight has had that golden glow all afternoon, a pregnant feeling to it - the orange light that says the rain is on its way. The sky darkens quicker than a sunset, and the first drops of rain start to fall against the window. Outside, thick stormclouds bring shafts of rain pouring in from the south.

In the middle distance, a rumbling.

The rain falls harder, faster, and it is a downpour outside making the porch roof sing and streaking the window with racing rivulets as the wind shakes it in its frame. The real storm is here, and it feels like night-time already although the sun has barely dipped below the buildings to the west. It is for days like these that we invented windows and central heating.

Another rumbling, closer this time, louder, and the house feels it.

The clouds light up, and a second later another rumble, a crackling boom that rolls for a while, and then another strike - closer, somewhere just behind the trees, its thunder a shock's length behind it with enough force to feel through the floor.

In the distance, sirens can just be heard over the storm as fire engines, ambulances rush to where the clouds ground themselves, every strike scarring the city below. More thunder, more flashes, and the rain pounds harder than ever while the wind scatters pots around the garden and streets away people have their lives turned upside down by the sudden entry into their homes of a bolt's worth of high-voltage electricity.

That is far away though. It feels safe, here, behind these walls, beneath this roof. The worst - the best - of the storm has passed; the flashes are further from here now, the thunder lags longer behind, and the rain beats the roof to a gentler rhythm. The darkness of the storm fades into the gloaming of the evening, and the sky is no longer the weathershow that it was.

Downstairs, another kind of show awaits...

  1. (7:37) - The Rain Song - Led Zeppelin
  2. (5:28) - Shelter from the Storm (Hard Rain version) - Bob Dylan
  3. (7:15) - Riders on the Storm - The Doors
  4. (3:07) - Electricity - Captain Beefheart
  5. (3:42) - Talula (the Tornado mix) - Tori Amos
  6. (0:26) - PuddleMonkey - Looper
  7. (3:25) - Bug Rain - Looper
  8. (7:07) - Hurricane - Ani diFranco
  9. (3:48) - Don't Need the Sunshine - Catatonia
  10. (3:00) - Bonanza Ska - Carlos Malcolm & his Afro Jamaican Rhythms
  11. (1:04) - Buffy Theme - Nerf Herder
  12. (3:27) - Chase The Devil - Max Romeo
  13. (3:19) - Blood Son - Dennis Brown
  14. (3:54) - The Ghost - Burning Spear
  15. (3:17) - Vampire - Devon Irons

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