I used to think of them as just kisses, but now... there was
something special there, something in the way we came together…

we were at the museum of art. it was the first day we let ourselves
be free. the first day nothing else mattered, when every element in
our universe was there because it served our love. we were walking
through the European paintings exhibit. every wall was beaming,
showcasing the most exquisite portraits the western world has to offer.
we moved from painting to painting, her fingers resting in mine, our
hearts never more than a beat apart. I would wrap my arms around
her, and we would bring the paintings to life. I would give them
their history, their day to day lives, and she would impart their soul.
she would give them flaws, and the strength to overcome them. she
would give them joy and sorrow. she would bring them to life.

she brought everything to life.

we were surrounded by all these people, some real, some
not so real, and suddenly, we were alone. I turned in mid step, slid
my fingers through her hair and kissed her. I felt every muscle in her
body tense, and then relax as she gave out a soft moan. the grace, love
and beauty of countless eons, caught forever in the painters' strokes
came to life in that one kiss. she told me later it felt like a bolt of lightning
had rushed through her body.

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