The person named winner in CBS Survivor is too often the person that pissed off the least amount of people in the final tribal council (with notable exception Richard Hatch). The jury members who supposedly choose the person who is most deserving of the million US Dollars too often votes for "the other person" because s/he refuses to vote for a strategician and manipulator over a bland under the radar tag along. Votes are more often given against a certain person, even though they are supposed to vote for a certain person. However, sometimes a jury member will simply vote along alliances. More than likely the best player in the game was voted off third. Since the final immunity challenge is usually an endurance challenge, a female will have the upperhand. After she has won, she will then eliminate her biggest threat (someone who would have won). One exception is Colby, he picked an alliance partner instead.

Here is a listing of all the winners of previous editions of CBS' Survivor:

  • Survivor: Borneo - Richard Hatch was voted to win 4-3 over Kelly Wigglesworth. Kelly voted off Rudy Boesch for third place.
  • Survivor: Outback - Tina Wesson was voted to win 4-3 over Colby Donaldson. Colby voted off Keith Famie for third place.*
  • Survivor: Africa - Ethan Zohn was voted to win 4-3 over Kim Johnson. Kim voted off Lex van den Berghe for third place.
  • Survivor: Marquesas - Vecepia Towery was voted to win 4-3 over Neleh Dennis. Neleh voted off Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien for third place.
  • Survivor: Thailand - Brian Heidik was voted to win 4-3 over Clay Jordan. Brian voted off Jan Gentry for third place.**
  • Survivor: Amazon - Jenna Morasca was voted to win 6-1 over Matthew Von Ertfelda. Jenna voted off Rob Cesternino for third place.***
  • Survivor: Pearl Islands - Sandra Diaz-Twine was voted to win 6-1 over Lillian Morris. Lillian voted off Jon Dalton for third place.
  • Survivor: All-Stars - Amber Brkich was voted to win 4-3 over Rob Mariano. Rob voted off Jenna Lewis for third place.****
  • Suvivor: Vanuatu - Chris Daugherty was voted to win 5-2 over Twila Tanner. Chris voted off Scout Cloud Lee for third place.
  • Survivor: Palau - Tom Westman was voted to win 6-1 over Katie Gallagher. Tom voted off Ian Rosenberger for third place.
  • Survivor: Guatemala: Danni Boatman was voted to win 6-1 over Stephenie LaGrosso. Danni voted off Rafe Judkins for third place.
  • Survivor: Exile Island: Aras Baskauskas was voted to win 5-2 over Danielle DiLorenzo. Danielle voted off Terry Dietz for third place.
*Colby made a mistake costing him 900,000 dollars - many believe that Colby would have won against Keith and Colby even recognized this fact during the game
**This was endurance challenge also tested finger strength, which gave neither gender an obvious advantage. Plus how can a porn star not win?
***It is theorized that Jenna probably won with her breasts.
****Rupert Boneham (a puzzling fan favorite) was also awarded a one million dollar prize from CBS during America's tribal council.

There are many studies done on this televised obsession by game theory experts, political scientists, sociologists and others. It is possible that this game show is seen as a microcosm of society and that the actions taken in the game relate somehow to real life. I believe that the game allows for heavy analysis because of its strong and standardized elimination process. If human elements are added in, it gives the perception that this game parallels real life, but these people are just too stupid to be comparable. Now that you now know the names of the top three for every season of CBS Survivor, please forget these names now. These people do not deserve any media attention. These are famewhores, people. Do not feed the monkeys.

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