For most of us our lives are depressingly mundane -- sleep, work/school, a small amount of free time before going back to sleep again. But every so often you find yourself looking in amazement at yourself because something has happened that makes you think you're in a music video.

Two days ago I had one such moment. I was riding my motorbike home from work when an enormous electric storm suddenly brewed up. The skies blackened and before I knew what was happening the entire skyline of London was lit up in front of me by dramatic flashes of lightning, whilst great peals of thunder rumbled across the heavens above. The rain and hail started falling out of the sky but I didn't care, I just carried on riding, laughing and whooping every time another bolt of lightning flashed across the clouds. Like all good thunderstorms it was a truly amazing experience, but enhanced by the fact that I was on a motorcycle and that it was so unexpected -- I was just travelling home from work! And to finally finish things off, ten minutes later the storm passed and the clouds parted to reveal a beautiful rainbow spanning the road ahead of me.

If they ever find a way to play back your memories I'm going to put that one on tape and sell it to any rock band who need a video for their next ballad -- I'd make myself a millionaire overnight!

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