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Perhaps several of you have heard of a pub crawl but for those who have not: it is an organized expedition by a group of people, stopping at several pubs or bars. The group may stay and have a few drinks at each one but is always on the move until they reach their final destination which usually starts out as something purposeful and thematic but ends up as wherever they happen to be when they get so drunk they don't feel like continuing.

In this spirit of pub crawling, the Lincoln Park pug crawl was born. It was created by the flamboyantly gay owner of Scot's, a local pub in central Boystown of Chicago, who owns three pug dogs himself. Every pug owner is invited to join but the event is typically populated by gay men and their pugs. It has become somewhat of a flashy Boystown event similar in some sense to the NorthHalsted Gay Pride Parade although a mere fraction of the size.

All the participants meet at Dog Park, a dog-friendly park (hence the name) at the Northern tip of Lincoln Park. The men gather accompanied by their hideous little doggies until a set time and then begin their 'crawl' down Halsted through Boystown, stopping in several choice bars along the way.

Participating bars allow the pugs to enter on this special occasion, and are completely overrun with queens and pugs. The party travels all night in this fashion and ends up at Scot's bar at the very end to finally party with the originator of the tradition and his three little pugs.

I have spoken to a bartender at one of the local bars that has gone pug crawl friendly. He tells me that the place is like a zoo that night but its his biggest money-drawing night of the entire year. Last year he made close to $700 and was also rewarded at the end of the night with a menage-a-trois as five pugs looked on.

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