When I was living in San Diego, my wife loved the San Diego Zoo. We paid for year-round memberships for our whole family, and would go four or five times a year at least.

The last time I went there with my family, we were getting ready to move to Colorado. My wife wanted to see the giraffes one last time. We picked a Saturday and piled in the car.

It turned out to be an very interesting experience. That particular Saturday was Gay Pride day, except the hand-made sign by the front gate shortened it to Gay Day. We were there early, and there was a huge line of folks waiting to get in. My family went in, while a large portion of the non-gay folks turned around and left. My son was too young to pay attention, but my oldest daughter noticed a bunch of guy-guy and girl-girl pairs with their arms around each other, and they were kissing. Being curious, she asked Mom, who quickly referred the explanation to me. I told her that they were in love. I had to do a little more explaining without going into the sexual nature (she was a bit too young at the time), and then she stopped noticing. My youngest daughter was giggling at some of the folks, because a couple were wearing outlandish outfits (like the guy in pink spandex and a feather boa). He noticed her giggling, and he had a good laugh too. I think he dressed that way to poke fun at those folks who assumed all gays dressed that way.

The day was very enjoyable. My wife had a giraffe bend down and sniff her head, then lick it. I thought it was odd, having a beast with a 21-inch tongue drooling on my wife, but she was in heaven. My oldest daughter learned that two folks enjoying each other's company was not unusual, even if they just happen to be the same sex. My youngest daughter discovered that people can dress weirder than she does. My son fell asleep.

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