Lynx Deodorant ran an advertising campaign for a while. In these adverts, young men were seen applying the deodorant and then being chased by attractive girls, supposedly as a result of "The Lynx Effect". The adverts were tongue in cheek and obviously not supposed to be serious.

Unfortunately, a small number of teenagers seem to have taken the advertising campaign seriously. The real Lynx Effect occurs when standing in a room with a group of these people. Aside from the fact that it smells worse than any possible kind of body odor, I have personally experienced my entire mouth turning dry from the sheer quantity of anti-perspirant contained in the air. Bizarrely, the perpetrators never seem to be aware in the slightest of the nasal terrorism they are inflicting on their surrounding environment.

If this were to have any effect on nearby females, it would surely be to cause them to run in the opposite direction, gasping for air.

Lynx still use the slogan in their adverts. In some countries they go by the name "Axe" instead of "Lynx".

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