Click here to win! Look, I'm flashing, and I look like a Windows drop down list!

Banner ads are dumb. And I'm a Mac user; I'm not going to be tricked into clicking on a Windows-style drop-down menu.

Comparison Shop. Channels. Rewards. Email & Tools.


Win Dinner & a Movie?


Win Free Rent or Mortgage for One Year! Win AFI's Funniest Films!

I said no.

Sign up! Sign in! Member center!

Stop it.

Super Searches for shopping, entertainment, or news?


Autos. Real Estate. Insurance. Legal Help. Fashion & Beauty. Travel. Buy Books.


Health? Horoscopes? Auto Financing? MyPrimeTime? Find a Lawyer? Small Business?


Domain Name Registration! Submit a Site! PC HelpDesk! Downloads!


Dear God, man! What are you looking for?

I think I remember being able to search the web from here.

Sigh. Okay. You want text mode. One banner ad, plus a Visa logo.

How do I get text mode?

Add this to the end of the URL: /cgi-bin/query?text


Don't tell anybody I told you, okay?

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