1994 comedy/drama movie telling the story of one of the episodes of insanity of King George III of England -- this one lasted a few months in the winter of 1788-1789. The movie was written by Alan Bennett, who originally wrote the play of the same title which came before the movie.

It sticks fairly close to the facts of history, with all the ministers' efforts to make sure this doesn't get the other party into power, and the rather scary state of medicine at the period as the Queen (Helen Mirren) does her best to see her husband (Nigel Hawthorne) cured. (Later medical thought feels he was suffering from porphyria, a disease that can cause mental derangement as well as physical symptoms such as the blue urine found by a servant in the king's chamber pot.)

Apparently this movie is known as The Madness of George III in England, but was released without the number in the US because the studio thought people would assume it was the third in a series.

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