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A Kent Montana novel by Lionel Fenn.

For those of you who have not yet read a Kent Montana book, these are comic SF/fantasy books that spoof B movies. The are not high literature, but they are amusing.

In Vampire, Kent returns to his home town to find it being terrorized by a mysterious man called 'The Count'. Kent, Chief Walker, Claw (with his dead parrot), and Roxy go after him... High jinx ensue.

A rather tacky Vampire story, but that's the whole point; it's a spoof on the well-overworked vampire story. I don't have much experience with vampire movies, so I probably can't appreciate it fully. It's not exceedingly well written, but it is fast-moving and funny.

Worth reading when you have the chance, but it's not anything special in the field of humorous fantasy, which is a notoriously un-special field to begin with.

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