A theoretical bureau dreamt up by British comedian Ben Elton. Used in a sketch as the power behind numerous badly designed products. So bad in fact, that it would be obvious to a monkey that these things were stupid - yet somehow they reach the marketplace and often become predominant in their field.

He cites a number of objects as example products of the Ministry, not all of which I can remember.

Two that I can remember, include:
Those metal teapots often seen at UK Motorway Service Stations- They hold just enough water for about 1.4 cups of tea. They have a spout expressly designed so the water runs down the front of the pot instead of gracefully arching into the cup. They are made of metal - bare exposed stainless steel by the look of things. Now we all know that this conducts heat quite well - so let's not make a boiling water container out of it, ok?

Secondly: The napkins you get at the above mentioned Service Stations and other fast food outlets that seem to have some kind of moisture resistant coating. Great for something that is supposed to be absorbent. All they really do is relocate the (probably boiling hot) spillage onto your lap when you try to mop up the tea you inevitably spilt using those infernal (literally) teapots.

Feel free to add your own items that this agency may be behind.

See also CD Jewel Case Design Errors.

And remember - The Ministry of Crap Design is waay ahead of you.

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