The Molly Bloom, an independent New York City alt/pop band, was formed by Citizen Casey (singer/songwriter, guitars, percussion) and Matt Moss (bass) in 1996. Matt had originally met Craig while teaching a creative writing class at NYU. Inspired by Talking Heads, Elvis Costello, Roxy Music, Ween, and The Simpsons, Casey and Moss sought to bridge sarcastic lyrics with intelligent music. They added Matt Geraci (keyboards, vocals, guitar), Chris Goetke (drums, banjos), and Moses Cook (saxophones, clarinet) to the lineup in 1997, and began to play live shows shortly thereafter. Their first (and only) full-length CD, "TEMPORAREALITY", was released in 1998. The album is notable for its diversity of styles - from the soul-influenced 'SO MANY FREQUENCIES' to the clinically perverse 'KANGAROO.'

The Molly Bloom embrace free file distribution over the Internet and have publicly offered permission for people trade their songs over Kazaa and similar networks.

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