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A song by The Molly Bloom from the CD "TEMPORAREALITY". Lyrics by C. Casey. Note: I am personally acquainted with the author of this song, and I have obtained his permission to post the lyrics here. (Time permitting, I will add analysis as well at a later date.)

The world is full of misguided misanthropes like me
Always been there, won't they ever let us good folks be
They'll seep in become our friends imperceptibly
Dash our every hope with their careless words unintentionally
But we'll carry on in that way that we do
And I won't let them get to you

The world is full of disenchanted dissenting paranoiacs
Who send abroad their discontent on a stream of endless wisecracks
Mercilessly they'll grind into dust any young American's dream
Always so damed concerned that things are not the way that they seem
But I will live by what I know is true
And when you grow up you'd better live by it too
For they will lead your children into the streets
And there won't be a thing for them to eat
What will they do when you're not there?
In a world of cheap fun and laissez-faire

The world is full of aggravated aggressive sons of bitches
Who turn red and scream when things don't go according to their wishes
I've seen them come I've seen them go I have seen them rise and fall
Their heads are bruised from continually running into the same old wall

The world is full of millions of people lost in their own heads
Who won't be awakened don't be mistaken they'd rather see you dead
But I do not succumb to that kind of spite
Nothing feels better than to know you're right!
For they will lead your children into the street
And you'll miss the pitter patter of their little feet
How will you help that little boy or girl
Find a direction in a roundabout world?

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