A song by The Molly Bloom from the CD "TEMPORAREALITY". Lyrics by Matt Moss. Note: I am personally acquainted with the author of this song, and I have obtained his permission to post the lyrics here. (Time permitting, I will add analysis as well at a later date.)

God is a Cat
and I his human plaything --
arching my back
in petty rage,
cringing in repulsion
as his bony paws
pat my well-groomed hair.

I pee

I know God abhors
his measured life --
the catatonic hours
of beaming,
long and sexless nights,
the tragedy of dry food.

He says it's not easy
being master,
even in retirement.
I say he could settle
in the Catskills: anything
to make him scram.

Purposely senile,
God forgets his catechism
daily. At night I dream
he mews his last
I am, pummeled with
my halo's solid rim.

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