Transformers: Robots in Disguise Episode Guide

Episode 35: The Mystery of Ultra Magnus
Original U.S. air date: March 30, 2002
Written by: Tom Wyner

Megatron reviews archival footage of the newest Autobot arrival with Sky-Byte and the Decepticons. Material from "Ultra Magnus", "Ultra Magnus: Forced Fusion!" and "The Two Faces of Ultra Magnus" are discussed. In the end, Megatron announces that their primary target should be the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, which Optimus Prime possesses and Ultra Magnus covets.

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The third of the "recap" episodes, the other two being "Hope for the Future" and "Lessons From the Past". This one is uncomfortably out-of-place, however, since Megatron had already been "upgraded" to Galvatron several episodes earlier.

It turns out that's because this episode was created completely for American audiences. The original Japanese episode in this place, "Gershark's Blues" (Sky-Byte was the American name for Gershark), was a thorough recap of events between "The Two Faces of Ultra Magnus" and "The Human Element" told from the Predacons' point of view -- without showing Megatron (Gigatron) or Galvatron (Devil Gigatron) at all.

In yet another title typo ("Ultra Magnus: Forced Fushion!", "The Hunt for Black Pyramid"), this one was titled on-screen as "Mystery of the Ultra Magnus". Saban really wasn't as careful with this series as they should have been.

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