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Transformers: Robots in Disguise Episode Guide

Episode 5: The Hunt for Black Pyramid
Original U.S. air date: September 14, 2001
Written by: Marc Handler

Megatron has discovered the Black Pyramid, a "matrix chamber of regenerative power" which amplifies any energy fed directly into it, potentially giving him all the energy he needs to conquer Earth. While the Predacons Slapper and Gas Skunk siphon power from an underwater cable to power the Black Pyramid, they see a large ship arrive above water. This ship, an abovewater transport that carries underwater submersible, is carrying Koji and Dr. Akase, a friend of his father's. Both are in the underwater submersible just as the Predacons spot it. Megatron sends Sky-Byte and Dark Scream to destroy it before the humans discover what they are doing.

The submersible is trapped underwater, and Koji calls Optimus Prime for help. He and the three car brothers take off to help, driving along the global space bridge as far as possible and jumping or swimming the rest of the way. Optimus is able to hold off Sky-Byte until repairs are made and he can get on the ship out of the water, where he has the advantage. Sky-Byte is defeated and the ship is returned to the surface. Megatron, rather than risk discovery, takes the energy they've stolen so far and moves the Predacon underwater base elsewhere in pursuit of the Black Pyramid.

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It's positively uncanny how Koji always manages to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it's a kid's show, so we'll let it go. This episode also gives us an interesting angle on Sky-Byte's character, depicting him as a sort of "warrior-poet" who sees himself as the physical, intellectual, and cultural superior of everyone around him. It's part of what gets him into trouble down the road. Nevertheless, this is probably the last episode where Sky-Byte is depicted as a competent and capable fighter, at least when he has the Autobots trapped in his element underwater.

Exactly what the "black pyramid" is is never explained, although it's likely tied in to the pyramids seen later in "The Secret of the Ruins" and much later in "Peril From the Past". In both cases the pyramids are deep inside ancient underground temples with clues of great power hidden at their peaks. Neither pyramid is actually black, but in all likelyhood the pyramid in "Peril From the Past" is the one Megatron is seeking here. If so, he got its purpose completely wrong.

They probably meant to title this episode "Hunt for the Black Pyramid", which sound smoother to me. It wouldn't be the only typo on the title screens; see "Ultra Magnus: Forced Fusion!" to see "fusion" spelled with an "h".

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